05-07-2022 | Products

Always suitable! The PRO2021 adapter set.

Combine the different plugs and sockets with each other to create the right connection.

Over 900 combinations!

With our adapter set, you can put together a wide variety of plug and socket connections as required. The adapter set has been specially developed for HF technology, offers the possibility of 922 combinations and should not be missing in any radio workshop. Take advantage of having everything from a single source. With the PRO2021 adapter set, you always have everything you need.

Plug standards included

Plug standards included
N Plug / socketRP-TNC plug / socket
SSMB plug / socketBNC plug / socket
RP-SMA plug / socketMCX plug / socket
MINI-UHF plug / socketSMC plug / socket
TNC plug / socketFAKRA-Z plug / socket
FME plug / socketSMA plug / socket
UHF plug / socketRP-BNC plug / socket
MMCX plug / socketSMB plug / socket
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