15-07-2022 | Products

We are expanding our range!

Why FAKRA connectors are so important for vehicle construction.
We are expanding our range! With our FAKRA connectors, we are expanding the range – connectors and cables.
The 14 different FAKRA connections are an important part of vehicle construction. FAKRA plugs (Fachkreis Automobil) are specially developed for the automotive industry. A coded housing and color coding make identification in production much easier. The aim is to avoid errors in the production process and simplify assembly. This prevents any confusion when connecting vehicle antennas.
In order to provide our customers with a high quality and suitable solution, we have decided to assemble our cables ourselves. This allows us to offer the customer a customized connection. This area is constantly growing and we are using this potential to develop new solutions.

FAKRA plug connection fits!

We will be happy to help you put together the right cable with the appropriate FAKRA plug.
PRO-TECS offers the service of customizing the length and the plug variant according to customer requirements and assembling your cable to measure.
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