24-06-2022 | Events

HF Competence Days June 2022

The HF Competence Days in June 2022. Lectures and practical workshops on the subject of high-frequency technology.

HF Competence Days in June 2022

On 16. – 17 June 2022, the HF Competence Days took place for the first time at the HF Competence Center. 40 participants from a wide range of RF technology companies came together to take part in this event.

1st day of the competence days

On the first day, Ingo Semrau – PROCOM company – started at nine o’clock with a presentation on mobile data transmission and its impact on antenna technology.
In the further course, there were intensive insights into the topic of fixed station antenna technology and antenna gain.
PROCOM developers from Denmark provided additional support on site.
Christian Semrau – PRO-TECS company – then supplemented the presentations with practical application examples.
This included the measurement of antenna radiation.
With the help of the special exhibition set-up, the radiation characteristics of different antenna types were illustrated and recorded in the seminar room.
There was also a brief insight into the field of TETRA BOS object radio measurements with a focus on vector error images in IQ diagrams and DTF measurements.
During the breaks, the participants had the opportunity to take their own measurements and get an idea of the results.
The first day ended with a joint boat trip on the Flensburg Fjord with a delicious evening buffet and drinks.
This gave everyone the opportunity to round off the day and catch up with each other.

2nd day of the competence days

The second day began with a presentation on passive intermodulation (PIM) in PMR, DMR and TETRA radio networks.
Together with the participants, various measurements were carried out on RF cables and filter components on a 2-port PIM analyzer for TETRA.
The event ended with the presentation of a new duplex filter technology that points the way to the future of the expanded TETRA BOS network.
At the end, each participant received a packed lunch for the journey home and a USB stick with the most important information from the event.


If you would like to take part in this free event, you are welcome to reserve a place.