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PRO-TECS is one of the leading distributors in the field of radio and high-frequency technology. Benefit from over 35 years of experience in the field of radio technology coupled with individual advice and technical support from the PRO-TECS team of experts.

With our extensive range of over 23,000 products and the constant availability of over 62,000 items, PRO-TECS offers the right solution quickly and with high quality standards. We are proud that PRO-TECS is a byword for reliability and innovation in specialist circles.


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Team Germany

Christian Semrau
Managing Director
Kevin Walter
Technical sales
Nils Marxen
Technical sales
Ralf Jensen
Technical sales
Kai Thies
Technical sales
Annika Schulz
Gerrit Jodat
Tom Barnasch
Sybille Kornmann
Klaus Mayer
Maja Schlichting
Tobias Schulz

Team France

Jean-Pierre De Bono
Managing Director
Jérémy Vacheresse
Technical sales

Knowledge is power

In addition to products and support, PRO-TECS offers a wide range of further training opportunities in the form of technical training courses and seminars.

In our courses, we impart knowledge about basic knowledge in the field of antenna and filter technology, the handling and evaluation of measurements, installation seminars for vehicle fitters and object radio seminars for system integrators.

In the area of services, we offer measurements and calibration of products and determine electrical parameters such as intermodulation behavior (IM3 – IM9) and S-parameters. In the free-field measurement laboratory, we also verify the radiation behavior of antennas or antenna constellations in the 50 – 6000 MHz range.

Individuality is our strength

Nothing off the peg is right for you? We offer individual solutions tailored to your needs.

With our coaxial cable production, we supply customized coaxial cable assemblies in individual quantities up to series production. We also develop solutions in the field of filter, coupler, combiner and antenna technology.

We produce customer-specific combiner systems in-house and test them in our own measuring laboratory. In addition, our large network enables us to develop and manufacture further products with our partners.

– PRO-TECS will always find the right solution for your application.

Our partners

We work together with many renowned and leading manufacturers in the field of radio and high-frequency technology in order to be able to offer our customers the best product solutions. Here you will find a selection of our top partners in the field of radio technology.

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