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Precise measurements in radio technology

The PNA 4500+ vector network analyzer and the OCTA measuring tool are established measuring devices in radio technology that have been developed together with our customers over many years.
From safety-critical radio applications to mobile communications, precise measurements are essential to ensure optimal system performance and reliability. At PRO-TECS, we have the perfect solution for carrying out complex measurements.

The PNA 4500+ performance network analyzer

The vectorial performance network analyzer (PNA 4500+) is a sophisticated measuring device that performs a wide range of measurements quickly and easily. With its advanced technology, the PNA 4500+ offers precise and reliable results. Antenna measurements, filter and coupler measurements and cable fault analyses are just four of the possible measurements that the PNA 4500+ can perform. The results are visualized in user-friendly diagrams that allow easy interpretation. Thanks to the intuitive software interface and the Quick Start Assistant, operating the PNA 4500+ is extremely simple and straightforward. The measurement log function enables quick documentation of the measurements.
The measuring device is well established among vehicle fitters for measuring and documenting installed antennas, coaxial cables and couplers. Companies in the field of fixed radio and fixed station systems use the high measurement dynamics and cable fault analysis to set up and maintain these systems.
The PNA 4500+ is indispensable wherever radio systems are required and antennas are used.

The OCTA measurement tool for object radio measurements

The OCTA measuring tool is an ultra-compact device that has been specially developed for measuring wireless systems in buildings. The focus here is on guideline-compliant measurements for TETRA-BOS. It offers a wide range of analysis and documentation options that go beyond the functions of a conventional spectrum analyzer. The OCTA is known for its powerful measurement function in the field of signal and modulation analysis. The OCTA software makes it easy to analyze and document the complex measurement results. For example, the radio supply is visualized directly in the building plan. Thanks to its compact size, the OCTA measuring tool is particularly portable and flexible to use. An ideal measuring device for planning and maintaining an object radio system.

Our measuring devices

At PRO-TECS, we understand the importance of precise measurements in radio technology. With our PNA 4500+ and the OCTA measurement tool, we offer you advanced solutions that help you to ensure optimum performance and reliability in your radio systems. In addition, the PRO-TECS team is on hand to answer your questions with its many years of expertise and offers suitable seminars in the fields of measurement and radio technology.

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