12-01-2023 | Novelties

The new double Yagi antenna 7042385-CM2 from PROCOM.

The new TETRA BOS tethering antenna Double Yagi 7042385 - CM2 is here!

What characterizes the new double Yagi and what has changed compared to its predecessor?

The new double Yagi antenna is characterized by its optimized technical properties. A narrower horizontal and vertical aperture angle leads to a lower susceptibility to interference and thus increases the associated antenna gain, while at the same time reducing the side lobes.

To summarize:

  • Narrower horizontal and vertical opening angle
  • Increased antenna gain
  • Guideline-compliant reduction of side lobes
  • High front-to-back ratio
The new tethering antenna enables even more targeted alignment to the tethering cell, while at the same time avoiding interference from neighboring base stations.
Compared to other directional antennas, these advantages enable a significant reduction in interference frequencies from neighboring base stations, with a simultaneously higher connection level and improved decoupling.
You can find out more about the new double Yagi antenna 7042385-CM2 from PROCOM in our webshop.

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